Miriam Villegas

WordPress Developer | Podcast Manager | Content Creator

My Story

Hi, I’m Miriam. Wife. Mom. World Traveler.

– Digital Unicorn.

Miriam is a passionate WordPress Developer, Podcast Manager, and Content Creator.

Miriam started as a Virtual Assistant and helped lots of businesses get more visibility by increasing their brand awareness. She created the right social media strategies for them, as well as email marketing campaigns, created the corresponding on-brand graphics and scheduled it to the best time for their businesses.
At the same time, she took care of their public relations and made sure they got the media coverage they need. She helped to get books on online magazines and helped speakers getting guest speaking roles at podcasts.

Now she specialized in what she loves the most: WordPress Development, Podcast Management, and Digital Marketing.

She helps business owners focus on their core business functions by building or re-designing modern WordPress websites for them, managing their podcasts, and increasing engagement and business growth with the right email marketing campaign, landing pages and much more.

Miriam is originally from Europe, after years of traveling all around the world, living in Germany, Spain, and Mexico, she and her family settled in beautiful Texas.

The Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurs Podcast

Since summer 2019 Miriam is part of the podcast team for The Messy Back-End of Entrepreneurs podcast.

All businesses have their messy back-end. In this podcast we discuss all sorts of messes and the experts will give us a solution to the mess.

If you also have a messy back end then tune right in, we’re pretty sure you will find the solution to your personal mess in one of our episodes.



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